3 Great Ways To Enjoy Plum Wine

Plum wine is not considered a true wine by some because it is made out of plums instead of grapes. However, plum wine is still an alcoholic beverage that many people make at home. Homemade plum wine generally is made out of plums, yeast, water, honey, tannin, campden tablets, and pectic enzyme.

There is also a Japanese version of plum wine that is called ume-shu and has been a popular aperitif for many years. The Japanese version is made out of green Ume plums and is paired with white alcohol. There are lots of different ways you can enjoy plum wine. It is great served chilled or used as a drink mixer.

#1 Serve It Over Ice

Plum wine can taste really great when it is served cold. One of the best ways to enjoy plum wine is by putting your wine glass in the freezer for an hour and letting it get all frosty, just like you would if you wanted to chill a pint glass before pouring a beer into it at home.

Pouring your plum wine into a chilled glass will help keep the plum wine colder for longer, and will allow you a greater amount of time to sip on your plum wine and enjoy it.

You can also use regular ice cubes with your plum wine as well. Put some ice cubes in a glass and fill the glass halfway full with ice cubes. Then pour the wine up to the ice cube line. You don't want to put too much wine in the glass because you don't want the wine to get diluted by the water from the ice cubes.

#2 Make A Plum Wine Sour

Plum wine actually makes a really great mixer. You can use plum wine to make a couple of different types of mixed drinks. If you like sour drinks, you can make a plum wine sour. To make a plum wine sour, pour equal parts plum wine and simple syrup together, along with a touch of fresh lemon juice and half an egg white. If you want, you can add some cherries to the drink. If you want the egg to look foamy, the egg whites are a necessary addition to the drink.

#3 Make A Plum Wine Tonic

You can also make plum wine tonic with plum wine. It is a really simple drink to make. All you have to do is mix together plum wine and tonic. If you want the plum wine flavor to be strong, use more plum wine than tonic water. If you want to lessen the flavor of plum wine, use more tonic.

Plum wine is a tasty drink that you can enjoy chilled, over ice, or within a mixed drink. It goes well with Chinese food and with desserts. For more information, contact companies like Wine Candy.

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