3 Great Reasons To Support Local Beer Breweries

Craft beer may have once been a fringe interest, but in recent years, it's gone mainstream and become more and more popular with beer consumers. If you're a beer drinker but you've never tried local craft beers yourself, you're missing out. An easy way to get an overview of craft breweries in your area is to check out beer festival like the Rockin River Beer and Music Festival – many or most of the local breweries will be represented. Take a look at a few of the best reasons to support local beer breweries.

Keep Your Money in Your Community

Craft breweries have a lot in common with any other small local business. Supporting a local brewery is an effective way to make sure that the money you spend ends up supporting your own local economy.

Breweries need real estate, suppliers, service providers, and employees. A small, local brewery will most likely buy or rent space in town, work with local vendors and service providers, and hire employees who are local to the area. All of those people then spend their money in the local community. Everyone in town profits. When you spend your money on locally brewed beer, you're helping to keep your own community going.

Promote Tourism in Your Area

Local spending is good, but if you can bring in outside money, even better. Craft brewing is a popular pastime, and brewery tours are nearly as popular as winery tours in some part of the country. If a brewery in your area takes off, people will come from great distances to check it out, and while they're there, they'll spend money in your city or town. And craft breweries take off and catch the interest of tourists because of people like you, who support them locally first.

Know What's in Your Beer

Do you shop at local farmer's markets because you know how the produce is grown? Do you buy from local bakeries because you know how they bake their bread? Beer isn't any different. It helps to know what ingredients are in your beer and how it's made.

Small breweries are similar to wineries in that they're usually happy to tell you all about the ingredients that go into their beer and how it's made. They may even offer tours and tastings (and chances are that even if they don't, they'll be happy to arrange something if you ask.) Small brewers can't compete with the quantity that huge beer producers put out, so they have to make it up in quality ingredients and careful attention to the brewing process, and they want you to know exactly how hard they work to carefully craft a great beer out of quality ingredients.

Take the time to visit the next beer festival in your area. You'll have a great time tasting different beers and other offerings from local vendors, and you may just find your new favorite beer.

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