Ten Tasty Pairings For Your Bottle Of Sauterne Wine

A sweet Sauterne wine is the perfect way to finish a meal or to sip with snacks during a party or get-together. This full-bodied, light-colored wine is sweet and is often considered a dessert wine, although it goes well with so many rich foods. This French wine is served very cold and is typically at its peak when aged at least five years.

Ten tasty foods to pair with your glass of Sauterne are:

1. Chocolate. A cold glass of Sauterne goes perfectly with a chunk of semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate for a sweet pick-me-up.

2. Crème Brulee. Sauterne cuts the richness of the custard and pairs well with the vanilla and brown sugar typically in this dessert.

3. Crisp, green grapes. Sauterne is a great match for fresh fruit, which makes it an ideal wine to take on a summertime picnic! It seems especially made for the slightly-sour flavor of fresh green grapes, creating a wonderful, light combination.

4. A chunk of bleu cheese. It is not unusual to finish a meal with cheese and wine instead of dessert, so try a glass of Sauterne with a chunk of your favorite bleu cheese. The acidity in the wine cuts through the fat and pairs nicely.

5. Rich pate. Sauterne is the perfect wine to enjoy with pate, as the crisp taste cuts the fat and creates a harmonious balance of sweet and savory.

6. Dried fruits. Try a glass of Sauterne with your favorite dried fruits, such as apricots, mango, and pineapple. The wine really enhances the flavor of the fruit, creating a magical pairing.

7. Pudding or parfaits. If you plan on serving a rich pudding or creamy parfait, go with a Sauterne. The crispness will complement the dish, elevating it and making it a lot lighter.

8. Fruit cobblers and buckles. Sauterne can hold its own against spices and herbs, so try it with a fruit cobbler or berry buckle. Use a lot of cinnamon, nutmeg, or clove in the dessert to enhance the flavor of the wine.

9. Fresh figs. The delicate taste and texture of a fresh fig is made even better with a cold glass of Sauterne. Thinking about dried figs or fig cookies? Try serving these sweeter dishes with a glass of port.

10. Puff pastry. Simple puff pastry with a dollop of whipped cream is an excellent way to finish your meal- but don't forget the glass of Sauterne! The sweet, fruity notes in the wine are made to be served with this delicate, flaky puff pastry.

Pick up a bottle of Sauterne and try one or more of these tasty pairings. This is a great dessert wine, but as you can see, it also goes well with a wide range of rich foods, such as cheeses and pate. Talk to wine vendors and sommeliers for the best varietals for your palate, budget, and occasion!

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